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Mi Pocket Speaker 3 (Black)

Professional speaker
Bass full, treble clear, good sound from a good speaker.
1200mAh large battery
About 7 hours of continuous play, good voice can sing longer.

PC + ABS material
Perfect feel, crafted craftsmanship
Bluetooth 4.1
Easy to connect, support mobile phones, computer flat and other

Segmented design, the appearance of the upper surface of the aluminum alloy material, the use of anodized, delicate touch. The bottom of the appearance of PC + ABS material, the use of sub
Light spray, smooth non-slip. At the same time a built-in front of a fine LED status indicator, black and white two fuselage color, touch craftsmanship craft beauty!

Nice, need a good horn
From the Danish professional speaker brand supplier to provide speaker parts, learn from the traditional speaker mesh design, Xiaomi small steel gun Bluetooth speakers 2
Department of the speaker sound of the mouth also uses the same mesh material, sound clear and pleasant, with a super overall balance, full bass, treble loud.

Bluetooth 4.1, compatible with mainstream implement.
Xiaomi small steel guns Bluetooth speakers 2 compatible with the mainstream mobile phones, tablet PCs, pens
Notebook and other intelligent devices, while Bluetooth v4.1 Bluetooth version, 10 meters
Connection distance, play more freedom.

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Product Description Feedback
100% original xiaomi speaker
Good sound quality from a good speaker
1200mAh large battery
About 7 hours of continuous playback
It could be used a long time
PC+ABS material
Perfect feel, refine the process
Bluetooth 4.1
Easy connection, support mobile phone, PC tablet and other implement
Large battery, about 7 hours of battery life
Package includes:
1 x Bluetooth Speaker
1 x USB Charging Cable

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